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Fulcrum began its journey over 2 decades ago. It all started when our Founder introduced third party staffing into commercial banking to help control headcount & staffing costs. Now Fulcrum is known as the global leader in Business Outsourcing Solutions across all sectors. Our portfolio consists of over 350 clients across various industries, 200,000 recruited, 20,000 outsourced & over 100 locations in Pakistan. Fulcrum has now spread its vision globally to 13 countries.

Fulcrum’s core strength is using technology to provide advanced outsourcing solutions. We enable our clients/the world to integrate, access, manage & distribute data & information across organizations more effectively & efficiently. Our business is built on change & that’s why our aim is to change the world for the better & to accelerate the world’s transformation. Using the power of technology, we connect businesses, people & ideas- and help them make faster & smart decisions. Our mission is what drives us every day to do everything possible to increase human potential. We do that by creating revolutionary innovations incorporated in our services to provide the best outsourcing solutions for your business, by forming an inventive & divergent team & by producing a positive influence in communities where we live & work. As Innovators, we focus to continue to navigate & inspire with everything we do & by envisioning & investing in the future, we go to places where no one has reached before.

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Umar Khawajah

(Group HR Head - TATA Pakistan)
• “TATA Pakistan has adopted Corporate Grooming & Leadership Diploma by Fulcrum on rolling basis across our Head-office and factories. It is relatively easy to instill technical skills but the real challenge is to inculcate Soft Skills amongst employees which are equally crucial for every day work life across various sectors of economy.”

Rubina Urooj

(Manager Learning - TATA Pakistan)
“TATA Pakistan joined hands with Fulcrum for its internationally renowned Corporate Grooming & Development Diploma, supervised by the highly qualified and experienced trainers and corporate professionals. The training curriculum was designed and tailored to cater the needs of our environment and to ensure the capacity building of our participants to cope up with the upcoming business challenges. The gradually emerging confidence level, leadership and general managerial skills of our participants, especially the technical experts, could be witnessed right after the initial sessions only, while ensuring its direct application to their job performances and deliverables.”

Asim Chishti

B.D.C (IFC- World Bank)
“World Bank IFC and fulcrum are very serious contenders in what they are doing, so if they have joined hands to do this, then it surely holds credibility.”

Sirajudin Aziz

(CEO - Habib Metropolitan Bank)
“There is a gap between professional skills that corporate is looking for and what the universities are producing, therefore, any step towards reducing this gap is welcome.”

Li Ping

(Cultural Attache’ - US Consulate, Karachi)
“Youth represent the future of the country and work place so programs where they can learn how to become professional and how to communicate, prepare their CVs through such programs, these are wonderful opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.”

Nadeem Hussain

(Former CEO - Tameer Mirco Finance Bank)
Fulcrum has shown phenomenal success over the years. Corporate Grooming Diploma is a marvelous initiative and I wish Fulcrum all the best and great journey!

Syed Ali Sajjad

(Relationship Manager – Habib Metro Bank)
Being part of the Fulcrum family was indeed an honor. The mode of training, quality of trainers and the overall experience was exquisite, and indeed one of a kind. I believe that establishment of such Learning Centers is the need of the hour as our society lacks quality learning avenues. Indeed, I benefited a lot from this course for which I am extremely indebted to Fulcrum.

Muhammad Adil

(Accounts Officer - R&R Agro)
Thank you to make our words precious for Fulcrum in the form of our comments & suggestions. 1st of all Warm Thanks to our Facilitators & entire management of Fulcrum (Pvt.) Ltd for their great efforts to sharpen the skills of all participants with heart & soul, Specially I was personally impressed by the charismatic personality of your goodness in the entire session. The session attended urged: • Attractive impression in my personality, • Developed more confidence in communication, • Efficiency & effectiveness in managing work at field, • Stronger in managing time, • Improved personnel concentration in work with different techniques.”

Muhammad Saeed

(HR Officer – Silk Bank)
I would like to express my tribute to the CEO, management & trainers of Fulcrum (Pvt.) Ltd for organizing and initiating such a wonderful diploma program on “Corporate Grooming & Development”. It was indeed an honor for me to be elected as a participant to attend this diploma program & it proved to be a great learning opportunity for me. The distinguishing aspect that I personally liked the most was this diploma program was entirely different from other traditional diploma programs that I ever heard or attended. In this wonderful learning experience of my life honorable CEO Madam Rukhsana and inspirational mentor Mr. Qamar was available all the time during entire program and shared their experiences of professional life. I would also appreciate all the trainers for their utmost efforts behind preparation of all sessions. Last but not the least I would like to thank, Inspirational mentors like Mr. Qamar & Nawab Saab and all the trainers of this diploma program including Mr. Shomayl, Mr. Mazhar, Mr. Faris, Mr. Moiz Allidina, & Ms. Mahreen Kashif. Indeed it was a great learning experience.

Naved Pervaiz

(AMI (Sales) - Al-Shaheer Corporation)
“A great platform to learn, present and share our learning’s professionally and personally.”

Musab Ul Haq

(HR Officer - Silk Bank)
It was a great experience at Fulcrum that enhanced my knowledge and I met experienced and qualified individuals. I would like to be there again to attain some other course / diploma.

Jallal Ovais

(Senior Relationship Manager - Silk Bank)
The staff was highly trained, friendly and had good command over the topics being trained upon.

Mustafa Fareed

It was good to be trained by trainers from different backgrounds as they gave diverse insights from their industry, experience and office culture. I am highly satisfied by the trainers, the training delivered and the overall management.

Mumtaz Bano

(Sr. HR Executive - Magnum Management Solution)
The experience at Fulcrum was very enriching. I found some useful pointers to upgrade my soft skills as well as my professional competencies. The learning’s from the Diploma will surely give me certain tweaks that will bring a drastic change in my competencies.

Noman Razzak

(HR Officer - Tameer Micro Finance Bank)
A Great learning experience for me, as the course progressed things became very interesting.

Afzal Habib

(Senior Manager - TATA Pakistan)
It was a highly knowledgeable and helpful training for all of us. We shall definitely try to apply it in our official and daily walk of life.

Imtiaz Mirza Chughtai

(Associate Manager - TATA Pakistan)
The trainers of the diploma Mr. Shomayl and Mr. Faris did a great job. The experience was very good. I have learnt a lot through these training sessions. I will surely be applying them in my daily walk of life"

Younus Abdul Sattar

(Manager - TATA Pakistan)
A very good learning experience that was much needed and will greatly help us in our life.

Alisha Razi

We love Fulcrum. After having outsourced our payroll to them for a few years now, we only have praise for their technology and customer support. We’re truly grateful to them for helping us grow.

Mustafa Baig

I have been working with Fulcrum for a while now and must say they have been extremely patient with me, walking me through each HR policy. I am all praise for their customer support and professional attitude, in general.