Access HRMS

Introducing Access Human Resource Management System. Your All-in-One Destination for Complete Time & Attendance, Employee Data Management & Payroll Solutions. Our system provides the flexibility you desire, hence, manage working hours, over time & attendance at your ease & comfort. Stay Structured!

Time & Attendance Management

  • Learning & Easily manage your employees’ information & their working hours whenever & wherever.
  • Learning & Efficiently plan work schedule & avoid needless costs from unnecessary overtime hours.
  • Learning & Eliminate human errors & calculate over-time swiftly & easily.
  • Learning & Our system provides the adaptability that you desire, hence, manage working hours, over time & attendance at your ease & comfort.
  • Learning & Accurate & precise, simple yet flexible.

Employee Database Management

  • Sensitive employee information, centralized in one secure database.
  • Add the number of employees’ that you want, bifurcate it into teams & name team leaders for each team created.
  • Access HRMS moves your HR databank away by going paper-free, putting prearranged, consolidated data at your fingertips whenever & where.
  • An end to dual entry errors & several updates.
  • Your data is protected & business compliant.

Payroll Solutions

  • Preserve all personnel data centrally to create the basis for stress-free payroll procedures.
  • All salary documents organized to perfection.
  • Personal data clearly streamlined.
  • Access HRMS funds automatically corrects data by identifying errors made previously & makes changes accordingly.
  • Access HRMS is compliant with Labour Laws.
  • Optimizes your processes from start to finish.