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UAN: 111 333 FPL (375)

Fulcrum Online - Your Road To Effective Crisis Management

At the time of a global pandemic, it is important for organizations to counter and respond quickly to a situation like COVID-19 to protect the interests of all its stakeholders.

Fulcrum promises effective Design & Implementation during this uncertain time. We give you a detailed program to help you continue business management amid the COVID-19 crisis.


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Strategic Business Partnering & Continuity Management

We can answer situational questions and tackle the short and long term complications associated with the effect of COVID-19 on business dynamics.

Our HR Crisis Management Online Services include:

Our E-Recruitment Process streamlines the hiring practise for our clients. We maintain a Digital Database for all potential candidates that we regularly update for our customers, while also playing an integral part in Online Interviews.
By conducting Organizational Development Consultation Online, we aim to be effective business partners in this volatile climate by building sustainable relationships and strengthening communication efficaciously for you.
We are offering a Complimentary 30-Minute Power Session to Digitize your Soft Skills. In this powerful 30-minute Coaching Session we coach Managers and mid-level executives on, Digitizing Soft Skills, so that you can stay conversant with the current scenario and transition smoothly with in their departments and the overall organization.
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