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UAN: 111 333 FPL (375)

Your One-Stop Answer for Workforce Solutions to Boost Efficiency:

Fulcrum is your one-stop answer for Workforce Management Solutions. We help companies ensure they efficiently manage their entire workforce.


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Our Workforce System
Solutions Include:

We provide hassle-free services for HR & Workforce Solutions in various industrial sectors.

Employee Management System - Streamline tasks by maintaining your HR Database and managing other company processes.
Payroll Management - Our Payroll Solutions are compliant with local labour laws.
Attendance Management - Our Attendance Management System will help you track Employee Hours, Leaves and Absence Validation Workflows and Ensure there are no Policy or Regulatory Violations.
Manpower Outsourcing & Executive Search - Providing HR staffing services to all types of organizations, from startups to globally established brands. We play an integral part in ensuring that your workforce thrives and delivers to its full potential throughout the complete employment lifecycle.
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Grow your business and improve your in-house management
systems via our dedicated manpower solutions.

Operating across 100 locations in Pakistan

Over 15 years of commitment and passion

Over 350 satisfied clients across all sectors

Ensuring the right person for the right job

Employing over 25,000+ resources in dedicated roles

Enhance Productivity with a
Powerful Workforce System:

Fulcrum strives to support your company’s operations, drive process efficiencies and improve overall business performance. Our goal is to help your business implement the benefits of outsourcing operations which can be too costly and time consuming to handle alone.

We support your workforce goals with our powerful Attendance Management, Payroll Management Solution and Employee Data Management Systems. Our Payroll Management and Benefits solutions takes you a step further with our innovative technology that gets the job done swiftly and accurately.

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