World Class Payroll Outsourcing in Pakistan

We provide end-to-end business payroll outsourcing services for small and medium enterprises.

Payroll Management System in Pakistan

At Fulcrum, we understand that your most vital asset are your employees and a smooth employee payroll management system is an essential part of your business process. We offer the following key features:

  • Deduction of Income Tax from Employees Salary.
  • Deduction of EOBI of all Employees and any other Mandatory Benefits.
  • Deductions of any form of Loan.
  • Processing of any Retirement Benefits, e.g. Gratuity and Provident Fund.
  • Incorporation of Salary Increments as and when required.
  • Processing of Bonus Payments as and when required by the Client.
  • Processing of any other Payments or Deductions.
  • Dispatch of Salary Slips to HR dept (in individually sealed envelopes) for onwards delivery to the Employees.

Why Outsource Payroll Services with Fulcrum?

As pioneers of payroll outsourcing in Pakistan, we have justly re-evaluated the payroll processing industry for the last 15 years and are consistently making headway in our industry. At Fulcrum we successfully endeavor to create long lasting relationships with our customers while offering payroll outsourcing solutions across all sectors.

  • Ensuring a streamlined process of payroll outsourcing for your business.
  • Supplying newer, state-of-the-art payroll technology.
  • Decreasing the time spent processing payroll & ensuring greater accuracy in Data Entry & Processing.
  • Guaranteeing quantifiable ways to analyze Payroll Outsourcing Data, assisting to make informed decisions about Policies & Technique modifications for organizations.
  • Expediting Payroll Management Operations by Cutting Costs and Maintaining security of Company’s data.
  • Managing Payroll enquiries with a secure 24/7 Internet-accessible Option with supported servers & onsite IT infrastructure.
  • Process created to be Streamlined & Reorganized.

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services
come with:

  • 15 years of diversified experience.
  • Specialists in processing multiple payroll records on a monthly basis.
  • Complete confidentiality and transparency.
  • Achieving statutory requirements with ease.
  • Meticulous payroll calculations.

Payroll Management Solutions for Businesses in Pakistan

Located in Pakistan, we are a certified payroll outsourcing company that caters to businesses of all different sizes. It’s not just about making payroll processes easier for our clients, rather it is about making it effective and according to their needs.

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